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Student Records

Attention Parents/Guardians and Students

Student records may be requested and picked up at the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) office at 2413 W Maple Ave  Flint Township, MI 48507
(810) 591-4400,

Charter Plaque

"Farewell Echoes"

Written by: Douglas Ford, Network Administrator to Academy of Flint - Convergent Technology Partners


Soon these doors will be closed

The halls will go dark and the noises echo softly into silence

The lot will be empty, and the entrances locked and chained

But be still and listen


The walls still hold the secrets whispered between students

The cafeteria rich with past laughter and squeals

Even quiet of students studying resonate softly

But be still and see


The playset still moves with gentle play from the breeze

The dry erase boards dimly show fading lessons and names

Lockers with markings of phone numbers and past crushes

But be still and feel


The anxiousness of upcoming tests still heavy in the air

The pride of a student doing well with their work

The love of a teacher guiding their students

But be still and know


Soon the doors will be closed

But the students go on to open doors with knowledge they've gained

The halls will go dark and the noises echo softly into silence

But the children will speak out with confidence handed down by loving instructors

The lot will be empty and the entrances locked and chained

But the lives touched by this place will be full of love and knowledge

So be still and live on ... as do I


Buddy Reading

Students from Ms. Crane's fourth grade class read books to Kindergartners from Mrs. Collins class in the reading garden outside the Samuel L. Warren building at Academy of Flint on Monday April 29, 2013. The Kindergarten class also read back to the fourth graders during the Buddy Reading exercise.


Spring Has Sprung with A.C.E.S Events

Children all around the school participated in the A.C.E.S. (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) activities on May 1, 2013. Within most classes, the children led the exercises and everyone followed along simultaneously, including teachers and support staff.

The Wizard of Oz Takes Center Stage      During Charter Day Events

Academy of Flint staff perform their renditions of the Wizard of Oz during the Charter Day events that took place on Thursday May 2, 2013. The team performed two shows to the entire student body and staff. The following is the full feature.

Student Resources

   Study Island

Brain Pop

Education City


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