About Us:

Academy of Flint located at 4100 West Coldwater Road in Flint, is a Self Managed Charter School authorized by Central Michigan University. We educate students Kindergarten thru Eighth grades. Student learning is at the heart of all that we do at the Academy of Flint. Academy of Flint’s curriculum addresses the core content areas (Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts/Reading), Foreign Language that enhance a commitment to student learning. 

Staff representing all grades have reviewed and aligned core curriculum outcomes in English/Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies with instructional materials. This alignment supports outcomes assessed by MEAP reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies and by Metropolitan Achievement Tests in reading, mathematics, and science as well as the Ed Performance Series.

Our Mission and Vision:

The guiding mission of the Academy of Flint is to offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of all students; by providing a healthy learning environment focused on high standards and high expectations, and by working collaboratively with parents and the community, we will develop citizens who successfully participate in our local community in global society.

The school’s vision is that each student master grade level content expectations and personal/social competencies that prepare them for college, work and life.